Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ham day!!!!!

As of today, I became a registered ham radio operator!!! To do this, you must score 74% or higher on a 35 question exam. This is not as easy as it sounds. Darling father and I took a ten- week class to prepare ourselves for the exam. We went to the class every Saturday and learned various ham things. The class did an excellent job of preparing us for random bits of stuff we might run into when operating, but it was not geared towards the test. It was my second time taking the test, and I personally thought I was going to fail again. So you could imagine my surprise when a very friendly ham congratulated me.
Anyway, this blog will include bits of (Surprise, surprise!) radio junk mail that we receive, ham events, and so much more. Feel free to tell about any of your experiences as a ham, seeing hams, etc. I will tell you when I get my call sign and radio, and maybe some of you can get me over the air!
Tesla's Wardenclyffe Radio Research Facility:  Source Wikimedia Commons


  1. I know this is a weird and probably stupid question but why is it called ham?

  2. It's not stupid. Some hams don't even know. It came from when the only method of transmitting was through Morse, and some operators had a light touch, and some were 'ham fisted'. It just stuck.

  3. I'd like to offer a belated and official congratulations, both on getting your technician's license and on your new blog!